Steiff’s Godzilla Has Landed in the USA!

Godzilla Teddy Bear

Oh no, there goes Tokyo and soon to be the US! That’s right; Steiff’s line of Godzilla collectible toys is finally receiving a release in the United States. After a successful tour in Japan, everyone’s favorite radioactive lizard monster has turned his rampaging stateside and directly into your home. Steiff…

Steiff Stories – A Treasured Tradition


Today’s Steiff Story comes from Phillip Edwards who can be found on Twitter at @GeckoEdwards. He believes that Steiff helps make a house feel more like home and is proud to start his family’s tradition of collecting Steiff! All Traditions Have a Beginning I started buying Steiff a few years ago…

The History Of Christkindlmarkets


There’s magic brewing in the air and it’s all thanks to Chicago’s Christmas Market. Christkindlmarkets are based on the age old tradition of German Christmas markets that began in the 1500s. Now in the 2000s, Chicago is proud to host its own homage to this festival of fun and wintertime merriment….

How to Make Childhood Memories with a Teddy Bear Collection

Steiff Teddy Bear In Classroom

Everyone has a best friend at some point in their lives. For many, it’s not a living, breathing person, but instead a teddy bear! Just because it is an inanimate object doesn’t make him or her less real to the child holding it. Did you know that having a teddy…

Steiff Stories – From Child to Child

Clarabeara tea party

Today’s Steiff Story comes from Susan Serven of New Canaan, CT. Somehow her proud collection of over 100 Steiff animals can’t compare to the memories of family she holds. We were lucky enough for her to share these memories with us! A Sense for Steiff If you’re going to have…

Steiff Stories – A Fox with Smiling Eyes

steiff collection heidi salfeld

Today’s Steiff Story comes from Heidi Salfeld from Sterling Heights, MI. Her journey includes a Steiff at every stage of her life and how she’s reminded of her grandfather. A Steiff for Every Stage of Life Heidi’s Steiff collection started with an unassuming little goldfish named Goldie. What was a…

Poetry in Motion: A Look at Steiff’s Famous Moving Showpieces

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.58.19 AM

“They take my breath away!” “I could stand and watch them for hours!” “As a child, they made holiday shopping a marvelous adventure, not a chore!” These are just some of the feelings Steiff enthusiasts have about the company’s remarkable mechanized displays.  Almost everyone can remember the first time they…

Steiff Stories – A Little Piece of Home

molly hasi steiff collection

This edition of “Steiff Stories” comes to us from Annalena Dietrich of Braunschweig, Germany, currently living in Heidelberg. Her story is about a grandmother’s love, a famous teddy bear, and a life of adventure. A Little “Hasi” Who Started It All Annalena’s love of Steiff began early in her life…

Fun Ways to Celebrate July 4th with Small Children

steiff children smiling holding american flags

Every 4th of July we celebrate Independence Day with a bang. Literally! For many Americans, this holiday is a chance to spend time with family and friends in the sunshine. When night falls, the skies light up with glorious, thunderous pyrotechnics. All great fun unless you have small children. Young…